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We do NOT guarantee that you will be accepted to JSO squad.

Read the disclaimer first - part about membership of the Squad, which is not same as membership of the website. Being member of our website doesn't make you member of the squad.

We also do NOT guarantee that you can stay in our squad forever. Nothing is forever and so isn't your membership in JSO(explained below).

Being in JSO is a privilege, not a right.

How does it work?

Whole team discusses on new member's acceptance and there is also a obligatory test you have to pass.

What we are looking for:




 -Good and fair player

-Good with executing and giving orders

-Good with developing strategies

-Good with managing other player's gameplay, positioning

-Ability to develop your skills further as required by the JSO squad



First steps:

Your first step is to review the squad and see if you like it and think you can fit in. Once you decide to join us, you need to fill in the application which can be found here.

After applying:

After we receive your application, it will be on display to the whole team. The team then votes on your acceptance based on the information you gave in the application itself, so the more we know about you, the more you write, the better.

Voting lasts 24 hours from the moment your application has been received and this part is not discussable.

The voting results will be told to you within two days from the time we receive your application. IF, however, there is a delay or we take more than 2 days, you will be informed of the reasons and this will be in your favor later on during the tests.

ALL members have to agree to your acceptance into the squad. If at least one of the members disagrees, they will be asked to explain the reasons (this is being checked, we don't take it for granted) and if vaild, you will be informed of the reason of your rejection. Also, voting results and statistics are available to you upon your request. If all team members agree, you proceed to the tests.

The testing:

The test itself is conducted once all the members agree on your accpetance. Test consists of three parts:

-Gameplay and

-Strategy and

-Third optional part.

Part one: Gameplay

Gameplay test is conducted in such way that all aspects of your skills are assassed equally. It consists of a randomly selected mission which 2 JSO members play along with you. One of the JSO members will be monitoring your movement at all times. The game can be a coop mission, vs. mission, deathmatch, single player mission. Mfcti, crcti, ctf - not an option.

Part two: strategies

This is the second part of your testing. You are given a randomly selected mission and you have to develop the startegic positions, player movements and a plan for completing the mission based on the information given. You may know the mission or be familiar with the mission, which is in your favor, but you might as well get a mission you've never seen again. This part of the testing is done once you are given a map and a set of basic instructions as well as the objectives. Additional information about the upcoming soldiers or terrain might be given to you, but we are in no way obligated to do that. Once you hand out the whole plan, explain the positioning, movements, weapons etc.

If you pass these two parts of the testing, you are in the squad. If you, however, fail one of the parts, there is one more part of the test.

Part three: last chance

If you've made it to part three - you have to impress us now. Sure, it's human to err, but we strive towards perfection. Part three can be same as part one, part two, combination of those two or something completely new. If you mention you have some extra skills that you, so far during the testing, had no chance of display, part three might be a good thing for you as we would be willing to review your skills.

After the testing:

After all testing is complete, we take a break to discuss the overall statistics from the testing. Your gameplay is monitored and game rated with points or percents. Your score has to satisfy us that you areable to preform all requested tasks, as explained above.

If you are accpeted into the squad, your tasks will be further explained. The way we work and function is not availabe to the public and only should you be joining the squad will you be told all the information.

If your application is rejected you may further request the reviewal of your file and previous application once you think you can satisfy us that your gameplay has improved in the areas which we might consider you're weak with. This information will be given to you once you have been told the testing and/or votting outcome.


All the times here are shown as what things could take AT MOST.

-Once you apply, 24-48 hours to get the voting results

-Depending on your availability, time to set up the time for the testing

-Testing may last anywhere from 30 minutes to some hours.

-No more than 12 hours to get the testing results

-1 hour to setup your profile, website status, have everything explained and wrap it up.

We are looking forward to seeing you in the squad! 8)


Visit JSO squad's webpage!

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