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Skype group & rules

First to mention that skype group rules will be much different from Discord rules. Due to some recent activity on the group, some rules will formally have to be introduced. Rules are as follows:

-You are not allowed to spam. Do not repeat your messages, writing them once is enough and people will read if interested;
-You are not allowed to offend other participants of the group;
-You are not allowed to write hate speech;
-You are not allowed to write things which make no sense;
-You are not allowed to write about and/or promote,directly or indirectly, religion(s), Nazism, Democracy, Liberalism, communism or any other official and/or unofficial political orientation, nationalism, racism, hate, anarchy and such;
-You are not allowed to talk about and/or share porn on the group. Keep that to yourself or move on to the private talk;
-You are not allowed to spam emoticons. Excessive use of emoticons will be treated as spam.
-You are not allowed to bring people who were kicked back into the group within at least 24 hours; This includes a specific situation as in case when someone knows they are about to be kicked and they voluntarily leave.
-You are obligated to follow these rules. Failure to do so may result in your temporary or permanent exclusion from the group;
-You are NOT obliged, but it's preferred, to keep the chat in English for the other participants to understand you. If you're not good with English or don't understand English at all, use Google translate or any skype addons that may assist you. If your chat is not in English, try to keep it as short as possible.
-You are asked to keep the talk about Operation Flashpoint, Arma 1, 2, 3 or anything else related to the game. If you're talking about something off topic, use private chat or keep it short.

All chat is being monitored. Your contribution to the group, squad, website and fellow members will not go unnoticed.

You will be warned once if you break the rules. Try not to repeat your error. If you do so, you will be removed from the group for 12-24 hours, depending on which rule was broken. Breaking several rules is not advised and will get you a longer off-group time.
If you severely break the rules repetitive times, you will be permanently removed from the group with no chance of getting back.

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