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About JSO squad

Special Operations Unit (Serbian: Јединица за специјалне операције - ЈСО, Jedinica za specijalne operacije - JSO), or the Red Berets (Serbian: Црвене беретке, Crvene beretke), was an elite special unit of the Serbian Service of State Security.

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JSO squad was formed in 2009 as an OFP squad made of the best online players available at the time. JSO squad is an elite squad, and doesn't accept just ANY members, pro players only.
We are a game representation of the real and existing JSO squad. Click here to read more about the real JSO.
We do our best to display high skills in the game, help the community of players by gathering downloads, writing tutorials, keeping the OFP community alive(it is quite an old game and it is, slowly but surely, dying).

JSO squad is currently the ONLY squad that exists in all versions of the game, period. We are:
-Operation Flashpoint JSO squad
-ArmA JSO squad
-ArmA 2 JSO squad
-ArmA 3 JSO squad
We contribute a lot to the game because we love it and we welcome all like-minded people. We don't charge for our content - we do it all just for YOU so you can enjoy the game at its best.

JSO has only recently expanded to other versions of the game, so if you can't find a lot of content just yet, please be patient because we are working on it! Be sure to visit the website daily or as you see fit.

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About the website

Website was first announced on 10th of December, 2009. After some time it was up, it was submitted to the search engines, but was turned down as it had no Terms of Use(disclaimer), which was additionally posted and linked and is available for all users to read, which we encourage you to do. Since 2009, there were no major changes made to the website until the mid October 2012 when we decided to take some extra steps towards the players: expand the website and the squad. We are currently the ONLY squad available in all versions of the game in the whole world, and we are proud of that fact. If you, however, manage to find another squad which covers all versions of the game, PLEASE let us know!

Current actions:
We are currently working on updating the website, welcoming new members, uploading content, looking for new players, expanding the website, gathering new content, updating old content and keeping the website fresh while providing you with all the information you need.
If you would like to learn more about the website, please read our disclaimer.

Our goal:
This organization has only one purpose: creating the community and enjoying the game together! We need you to support us by checking the content regularly, making suggestions and playing the game with other players in the community. If you think you can help with the website, please contact us directly!

What it took to make the website:
It took 3 days, 15 nights, 23L of water, 2L of Pepsi, ~2kg of food, 13KW of electricity, 6m^3 of gas(heating, it was made in winter), 2L of Brandy, 1L of whiskey, 34 Skype logins, over 200 site manager logins, a lot of of disk space and a even more nerves! :) All effort paid off, because we have returning members and new members coming to the website. This website is dedicated to all of you and to the greatest game ever. THANK YOU!

Thanks to..

Even tho the website is one man made, there was some help. I'd like to use this opportunity to thank everyone who made a contribution to the website, one way or another, directly or indirectly:

-Site with some useful links we used http://www.webterrace.com
-Site that hosts our files 1FreeHosting
-Site that hosts our files 100 webspace (500kb file size limit)
-All those nice people from Google who helped with the disclaimer, webmaster tools, submission and everything else.
-HATERS from the Bohemia interactive forum who never understood what JSO is all about and were afraid of losing members from their forum rather than expanding the community. You know what they say, if you've never made an enemy, you've never made a friend. Big thanks, haters, for all the inspiration you've given us.

Some of online content has been manually written and those credits go to:

-Our member Uros Chetnik for creating a Facebook group!
-Our member Vasili for making some great videos! And more coming up, we hope!

A HUGE thanks to the user VIC for all the help with profile logo picture in the OFP game profile!
And most importantly, a big thanks to all of you!

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