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This is the place you go if you want to become part of JSO community.
We do NOT guarantee that you will be accepted to JSO squad community. Read the disclaimer first - part about membership of the Squad, which is not same as membership of the website. Being member of our website doesn't make you member of the squad.
We also do NOT guarantee that you can stay in our squad forever. Nothing is forever and so isn't your membership in JSO.
Being in JSO is a privilege, not a right. Whole team discusses on new member's acceptance and there is also a obligatory test you have to pass.
Also, we appreciate if ALL fields are being filled in so that we have more info about you and your gameplay.
Please make sure that you have our email address in your addresses on your email account to make sure our message doesn't end up in the spam folder. Address is jsosquad@live.com.

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